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    Based in London, United Kingdom, we launched namana jewellery in 2017 with the goal to offer an affordable alternative to traditional fine jewellery.

    With a family heritage in fine jewellery design and crafting spanning three generations, we decided to apply our design expertise and technical knowledge to produce high quality fashion jewellery and sterling silver jewellery.

    Our jewellery is brought to life by impassioned designers, the namana design process is underpinned by an intuitive understanding of jewellery and the wearer. We get our inspiration from nature, culture, and the latest fashion, but ultimately our main priority is the comfort of the wearer.

    Our mission is to offer an affordable alternative to traditional fine jewellery without neglecting quality of craftsmanship and paying attention to the finish of each piece of jewellery.

    Our sterling silver collection comprises pendant necklaces, hoop earrings, stud earrings, drop earrings as well as bracelets, rings, toe rings and even brooches. Check out our silver jewellery collection and get the perfect gift for her or a treat for yourself!

    Taking inspiration from nature and culture and combining them with ideas drawn from the latest fashion and trends, we offer distinctive collections of jewellery for the modern women and urbane men.

    We have a large collection of fashion and costume jewellery, discover our catalogue of silver, gold plated and rose gold plated jewellery. Pick your favourite ring,  bracelet, stud and drop earrings or fashionable pendant and chain necklaces, find your perfect accessory at namana jewellery.

    The concept behind the Zavana Authentic collection dawned during our travels around India. Driving through beautiful Rajasthan, we were fascinated by its rich culture, traditional craft, and colourful arts. We came upon a village, where men are master metalsmiths and women skillful beading and embroidery artisans, and were mesmerised by the vibrant colours and expert craftsmanship. This remote village, where families had passed down the ancestral art for generations, was the inspiration behind the Zavana 

    Awe inspired by the calibre of craftsmanship and raw talent in this village, we decided to collaborate with this community to create Zavana Authentic. Two years in the making, we jointly developed this unique collection which brings together the vibrant colours and warmth of Rajasthan, with Zavana’s cosmopolitan and modern designs. The Zavana Authentic collection carries the colour and fire of Rajasthan in its heart, but is designed for the sophisticated, urbane woman.

    The Zavana Essential collection was launched to offer affordable quality jewellery to fashion-conscious women. We offer a large collection of designs that are essential to every woman’s wardrobe.

    Classic but stylish, we constantly add new designs to this collection keeping up with the latest trends and demand. Our primary goal is to offer an affordable solution to every woman’s fashion needs, be it a simple pair of studs, or colourful tennis bracelets.

    Namana also offers a large variety of jewellery for the modern and suave man. Shop from our larger collection of men's jewellery and get the perfect gift for him.