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    • Dainty sunburst stud earrings with elegant brushed finish and fiery synthetic blue opals
    • Pierced 10mm stud earrings
    • Nickel-free and lead-free high-quality fashion jewellery 
    • Made from 14ct gold-plated brass
    • Presented in a specially designed jewellery box, creating a beautiful gift or keepsake


    The sunburst heralds the dawning of a new day, and is a popular symbol of vitality, illumination, and energy. In some cultures the sun is seen as the earth's guardian, giving life and offering healing qualities. These positive and empowering concepts create a powerful symbol to wear and a beautiful gift for someone special. The brushed gold finish of the gold is modern and fashionable, while the fiery opals have a magical quality. Presented in a stylish gift box to make an attractive present or an empowering treat for you!

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