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    • Elegant large statement necklaces for women in black and white resin. You can pair these bold necklaces with a dress, a plain T-shirt, or even with formal office wear.
    • 24-inch long boho necklace for women with oval resin links. Bold black and white necklace, 35 mm wide at its widest part, with a screw clasp closure.
    • These contemporary boho necklaces are made from black and white coloured resin. These bohemian necklaces are handmade in Rajasthan
    • Add a dash of colour to your outfits with this chunky black and white collar statement necklace. Quality costume jewellery for women from our Zavana Authentic collection
    • Stylish big necklaces for women presented in a jewellery pouch, creating a thoughtful gift for a friend – or a well-earned treat for you!

    The Collection:

    The concept behind the Zavana Authentic collection dawned during our travels around India. Driving through beautiful Rajasthan, we were fascinated by its rich culture, traditional craft, and colorful arts. We came upon a village, where men are master metalsmiths and women skillful beading and embroidery artisans, and were mesmerised by the vibrant colours and expert craftsmanship. This remote village, where families had passed down the ancestral art for generations, was the inspiration behind the Zavana Authentic collection.

    Awe inspired by the calibre of craftsmanship and raw talent in this village, we decided to collaborate with this community to create Zavana Authentic. Two years in the making, we jointly developed this unique collection which brings together the vibrant colours and warmth of Rajasthan, with Zavana’s cosmopolitan and modern designs. The Zavana Authentic collection carries the colour and fire of Rajasthan in its heart, but is designed for the sophisticated, urbane woman.
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