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    • Stylish shatkona yantra jewellery. Silver pendant necklace with an elegant brushed finish
    • 12mm silver pendant for women with adjustable 18" chain, including 3-inch extension links
    • Nickel-free and lead-free high-quality fashion jewellery
    • Silver necklace for women made from rhodium plated brass
    • Presented in a specially designed jewellery box, creating a thoughtful gift or keepsake


    With its captivating geometric design, the shatkona is a beautiful example of sacred geometry. The Shatkona symbol represents the union of the male and female form, it symbolises passion, empowerment and balance within the universe for the wearer.

    This shatkona necklace is modern and wearable with its fashionable brushed finish. It even comes in its own stylish gift box, creating a thoughtful present for any occasion or a beautiful keepsake for someone special.

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