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    • Dainty silver pendant necklace for women with a 14mm x 9mm Lotus motif
    • Sterling silver pendant for women with an 18-inch chain with 2 inch extension links
    • Fine necklace for women made in Rhodium plated 925 Sterling Silver.
    • Presented in a specially designed jewellery box, creating a beautiful gift or keepsake.


    Lotus jewellery is a symbolic representation of purity, promise, and strength. A Lotus is a brilliant blossom that emerges from murky waters. The Lotus signifies the ability to rise above any negative environment to progress and become the best we can be no matter what the circumstances!

    Entice a smile from a friend or colleague with our lotus pendant, or give it as an 18th birthday gift for girls who love to stand out or even, show that you care with an exquisite 21st birthday gift; a silver necklace that will never age and make any girl sparkle with this intricately-made piece of jewellery.

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