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    • Dainty silver Starfish pendant necklace for women.
    • Sterling silver pendant necklace for women with an 18-inch chain with 2-inch extension
    • Fine necklace for women made in Rhodium plated 925 Sterling Silver
    • Presented in a specially designed jewellery box, creating a beautiful gift or keepsake.


    Looking for a nautical gift that creates a long-lasting impact? Look no further with our starfish pendant necklace; silver jewellery that even the Little Mermaid would've collected!

    This 925 sterling silver necklace makes our starfish jewellery perfect as an 18th birthday gift for girls who love to be unique or even as a 21st birthday gift to mark their next chapter in life.

    It can also complete a newly married couples day, offered as a beautifully crafted wedding gift or even saved as a bridesmaid gift offering thanks to those endless days of bridezilla moments!

    Our silver pendant and chain will have any recipient pining for the ocean. Take a part of the seaside back to your loved ones and give them our starfish necklace; a symbolic representation of freedom and love.

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